promo products and programs

branded items

concept, design and production

No more searching through hundreds of items, we’ll get you just the right tchotchke for the right setting, within your budget. We have experience sourcing domestic and internationally imported products. This allows us to efficiently produce jobs in strategic locations based on the purpose of the promo item, budget for the item, length of timeline and level of customization.

  • Corporate Event
  • Trade Show
  • Prospect Tool
  • Client Gift
  • Employee Reward
  • Annual Planning
  • Next Quarter
  • A Couple Months
  • Weeks
  • Yesterday = RUSH 
  • spare no expense
  • quality over quantity
  • quality = quantity 
  • champagne w/ beer $
  • how low can you go
  • 100% Custom 
  • Custom Elements
  • Product Colors
  • Decoration Method
  • Logo Only

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